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Glovision El Wire Double Diffraction Glasses

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What's Included?

  • 1 pair of GloVision El Wire Double Diffraction Glasses.
  • 2 sets of batteries!



GloVision EL Wire Diffraction Glasses

It’s clear to see that most EL wire diffraction glasses on the market are cheaply made and overpriced. More importantly, they are severely lacking in style. Wearing dinky knockoff glasses at an event is like saying goodbye to your swag. Don’t sweat it, our GloVision EL Wire Diffraction Glasses correct all of the problems found in other pairs of similar glasses.

Using only the most durable plastics, wiring and components, our glasses are made to withstand even the wildest nights of raving. Take it from us; we put our glasses to the test at EDC Las Vegas 2013. Not only did the AAA battery compartment hold enough juice to power the glasses through all three days of the festival, the durable plastic looked brand new on the ride home. And don’t forget the diffraction.

While everyone is looking at you in awe of your luminescent eyewear, you’ll be peering through a high quality diffraction lens in awe of the amazing lights kaleidoscoping across your vision. But that’s not all. GloVision EL Wire Diffraction Glasses are sound activated and blink along to the thump of the bass. The accuracy of the sound sensor built into each unit is astounding. Until now, “rave glasses” have been an expensive and disposable commodity. Ravers buy a pair at an event and throw them away at the end when the wires come unattached or an arm breaks off. GloVision EL Wire Diffraction Glasses are built to last.

Don’t stop partying and our glasses won’t stop either!