About us


About Me


“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley


Your first real festival. The blinding lights being cast from the stage white out everything, it swirls around you, envelopes you in a blizzard, and finally takes your breath away. A surreal thing happens. A divine clarity like glass clears away the stage fog and for an interminable second you’re lost in the sound. The build up arrives. We built ourselves from a moment just like this one.


August 2012, Identity Festival Tampa


That’s where inspiration happened for us. We experienced a level of live entertainment unlike anything before, but it left us questioning – what next? We wanted to be a part of this electric future. We wanted to get plugged in, to become the essential ingredient in the future of EDM culture.

At this point, the market for EDM apparel and accessories was relatively narrow. There weren’t very many options to choose from as far as retailers went, and the products they offered were cheaply made, functioned poorly, and overall left us really sad. We brainstormed a solution and decided – Hey, we can do this! And we can do it better! So we did. We became the plug.


Thus EDMPlug was Born.


There is a special security in building a foundation based on music. Music is the universal language, a common ground covering the planet. Something that always makes sense, yet constantly confounds. We embrace the experience of music with everything in our being, and then go beyond. EDMPlug caters to those with free spirits, who look to enhance their own lives and the lives of their fellow human beings by giving themselves to our brilliant electric culture.


First Light


It started with LED gloves and CR1616 batteries. We watched as the LED color palette evolved from single color strobes and solids to three-color tracers and rainbow faders. We adapted when with the introduction of the CR1620, and with it a brighter, longer-lasting light. We carefully perused the market for the best components to build lights to our in-house specifications. We repped our brand, got our friends involved and pioneered a movement. Tampa is huge on EDM. We showed the family love and the family showed us love right back.

We expanded our inventory to include EL Wire glasses, diffraction glasses, fiber optic clothing, rave ware, LED props, and just about anything else you could possibly imagine. If you’ve ever said to yourself “that is really freaking cool” regarding someone’s EDM apparel at an event, you can be sure we’ve tapped into our resources to include the article of your fancy.

Now, EDMPlug offers exclusive styles unique to our brand like GloVision and Highwalkers. These are just the beginning. More exclusive lines are on their way. Our products are guaranteed to satisfy your desires. We only carry the brightest, most resilient and eye-catching EDM apparel on the market. We pride ourselves in fair pricing, and reject competitor companies that have swindled our customers with janky products or inflated pricing in the past. If you want to leave a long-lasting impression, you need products with long-lasting quality.


Our Promise to You


EDMPlug is dedicated to pleasing all of our customers. We’re just like you. We love this culture and still actively partake in it to this day. Whether splurging on EDC Vegas tickets at the last minute or wandering the streets of Miami during Miami Music Week looking for a cab to the next venue, we live this. And our products live on with us. So here’s our promise: you keep doing you, and we'll keep doing us ~ because you are now plugged in with the best.


“Beyond life you will find your song” – Daft Punk