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HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Tie - Lights Up!

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What's Included? 

1 HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Tie (White Tie, 8 modes)

Our fiber optic neckties are the perfect accompaniment for those who like to go out in style. These ties are adjustable and compatible with any normal collared shirt and feature a beautiful white veneer with a bright, twinkling fiber optic light infused throughout the length of the necktie. Our fiber optic neckties use a surprisingly small battery compartment that can easily be tucked behind the tie inside a special pouch. The electronics are completely hidden from sight when wearing the necktie.

Bright fiber optics with 7 colors including Red, Green, Blue, Light Green/Yellow, White, Purple, & Light Blue.  Large tie = 19.5 inches


Product Care

 Steaming Instructions


You will need:

  • Pure Steam Rolling Garment Steamer (or similar)




  • To remove the wrinkles from your Holy Threads, remove the article of clothing from the box and place it on a hanger.
  • Turn on the steamer.
  • Remove the battery pack from your Holy Threads.
  • Grip the hanger on the left/right side and brush downwards with the head of the steamer from shoulder to waistline.
  • Continue to brush downwards from the neck and shoulder to steam the entire item, keeping a hand on the hanger at all times to secure the item on the rack.
  • To completely steam the edges of the item, hold the lower corners of the item and pull until the item is taut on the hanger, then brush from the middle downward.
  • Once you have steamed all of the fiber optic fabric, let your Holy Threads sit for 5-10 minutes.


Things to Avoid:


  • DO NOT try to forcibly remove creases from Holy Threads by vigorously brushing with the steamer. Natural wear and tear can break fibers in the item, creating a crease in the fabric that the steamer won’t always remove. To remove these creases, pinch the fabric between your thumbs and forefingers and roll the fabric inward and outward until it has “bubbled” outward from your Holy Threads. Then, steam the previously mentioned portion of fabric.
  • DO NOT douse your Holy Threads with excessive steaming. This may also cause the material to warp.
  • DO NOT steam any electrical wiring on your Holy Threads directly.
  • DO NOT steam your Holy Threads using the “shower method”.


Alternative Methods to Remove Wrinkles:


  • Ironing (Adjustable Temp. Only)
    • Set the iron to synthetic temperature. If your iron doesn’t have this mode, set the iron to it’s lowest setting before adjusting accordingly.
    • Lay a towel down on your ironing board to create a soft cushion for your Holy Threads.
    • When you begin ironing, your Holy Threads Fiber Optic Fabric should be laid on the towel, with the other part of the garment hanging underneath the ironing board.
    • Steam the item carefully, pressing down lightly on the iron as you press the garment.
    • Repeat for the other side of the garment as needed. 

Quick Overview

  • Fiber Optic Tie made from High Quality Luminous Fabric
    • 8 modes 

Owner’s Manual

    Suitable environments

    1. Avoid using fiber optic products in dust, high humidity, or wet environments. Lights can lose brightness or experience discoloration if the product becomes dusty or wet.
    2. When transporting the product, ensure the product is in well ventilated, moisture- and waterproof storage.
    3. Avoid exposing the product to excessive amounts of direct sunlight.
    4. Avoid exposing the product to foreign chemicals.

    General care and washing instructions

    1. Never fold the fiber optic fabric in a manner that severely bends the fiber optics. Never pull, crease, or roll the fabric.
    2. Be careful not to scratch or tear fabric or fiber optics.
    3. Do not put excessive weight on the fiber optic product for extended periods of time.
    4. Handle the fiber optic product with care when wearing. Be cautious of breaking fibers.
    5. Do not soak fiber optic products in water; doing so may damage the circuit. To clean fiber optic products, wipe with a soft, damp towel to remove stains. Warm water removes stains more easily. Neutral detergents can be used to clean excessive dirt if necessary. Hang to dry.